Inches Lost

Malinda A:
I’ve been working with Heather since March 2014. I was looking for a personal trainer who could tailor workouts to my individual needs after hip surgery. She has been great!
I’m now in my 6th month working with her and it’s been awesome! She researched my particular injury so that she could design workouts to strengthen without risking further injury. The workouts have been sensitive to my injury, yet challenging enough to really push me. I’ve lost inches all around and am so much stronger!!
Heather is great about reaching out weekly to check in and see how things are going. She has been so responsive to my individual needs! I feel like I have a coach who really cares and wants me to succeed and reach my individual goals. I love having my workouts planned in advance. It really takes the “thinking” out of daily workouts, and sometimes that is half the battle!