Contract Policies

The focus of Where’s the Beach Fitness is to offer the right fitness plans at the right price. Most of the plans offered are highly customized and offer very personal support, which takes additional work and time. In order to be the best trainer I can be for YOU, there┬ámust be a few policies in place.

Payment, Contract and Cancellation Policies

  • No services (e.g., assessments, workout planning, goal discussions, etc.) will begin until contract has been signed.
  • Fees for 1-month plans, one-on-one sessions, bootcamp packages, or online basic training will be collected, in full, prior to sessions or services.
  • Option to pre-pay for extended packages requires up-front payment to receive discounts.
  • Monthly payments will be invoiced 10 days prior to the final session or scheduled workout.
  • Payment is expected within 7 days of invoice (this allows WTBF time to properly put together a workout plan).
    • A $10 late fee will be added to bill if not paid by 14 days.
    • A $30 late fee will be added to bill if not paid by 21 days.
    • Contract will be terminated and subject to legal pursuit if not paid in full by 30 days.
  • Workouts will not be sent until payment is received.
  • Sessions canceled more than 3 times will be forfeited.
  • Option to pause contract:
    • For special circumstances approved by WTBF, a contract may be put on hold for 1 month (4 weeks) maximum subject to a $20 charge.
      • Pausing the contract means no scheduled workouts, skype or in-person sessions, or email support.
    • An amended contract must be signed by the client agreeing to the terms 7 days prior to paused month.
    • The client will be invoiced 10 days prior to the end of the paused month.
    • Payment will be expected within 7 days of invoice to resume contract to allow WTBF time to create the newworkout plan.
    • Failure to comply will result in additional late fees (as noted above) or legal pursuit.

Where’s the Beach Fitness reserves the right to terminate┬ácontract at any point if client is not in compliance with the aforementioned policies.