Biceps Triceps Supersets Plus Bonus Burn

Biceps Triceps Superset Workout

This Biceps and Triceps Supersets is a great, time-saving workout that also includes an additional Bonus Burn.

Begin with a 10-minute warm up that includes dynamic movements to warm up the body and loosen joints.

Do each each exercise for 8-10 reps then immediately move to the next exercise in the superset. Rest 40-60 seconds, then repeat the superset for a total of 3-4 sets. After completing all three supersets, finish out the workout with the bonus burn.

Superset 1
Alternating Biceps Curls
Double-arm Overhead Triceps Extensions

Superset 2
Hammer Curls
Weighted Triceps Dips

Superset 3 (Done on Stability Ball)
Incline Curls
Lying Triceps Extensions

Bonus Burn
Bicep Curls – 21’s
Triceps Pushups to Failure

*Disclaimer: Although I am anĀ ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, you should consult a physician before starting any exercise program or diet plan. If you choose to do any of the workouts featured on this website, you do so at your own risk.