The Right Plan and Motivation

Despite my reservations about the benefits of a personal trainer, I decided to test the water and go with Heather as my personal trainer for several reasons.  First, she is by far the most dedicated person to health and fitness I have ever met.  Second, my motivation for self improvement was lacking and I needed a swift kick in the butt to get going.  Finally, many years ago I had six pack abs and was in great shape but I knew my own limitations would not allow a return to that kind of physical fitness without someone who has greater knowledge of fitness than myself.  After the first month, I can say I am definitely on track to getting back to where I used to be and that is in large part due to Heather.

A little bit about myself.  I’m 6’2″ 230 lbs.  Before I went with Heather I did do some cardio and hit the gym a few times a week but I didn’t have direction in my workouts and pretty much just did enough to satisfy my belief that I was “working out.”  Heather and I sat down and discussed my goals.  I wanted a traditional weight lifting program but I also wanted to improve my cardio with running.  I had to improve my diet which Heather stressed time and again as being the most important part of getting back into shape.

I won’t lie…the first week nearly wiped me out but with her motivation I got through it and each week, while difficult because of the increased intensity, has been easier because I am improving physically and mentally.  The diet is also not easy to adhere to but Heather doesn’t want you to stop eating.  In fact, she wants you to eat more with healthier foods to keep the calories burning all day.

Heather has always been quick to respond to any of my questions whether they are about how to perform a particular exercise or what’s the best food to eat.

After the first month I have seen significant improvement in my physical health, overall appearance and it’s actually helped me think and feel better at the office.  My wife commented today how much I’ve changed physically in just 4 weeks. I’ve gone from barely being able to run 1.5 miles to consistently running 4.5 miles without stopping.

Change isn’t easy. It takes dedication, the right plan, and motivation. Heather provides the right plan and motivation. As a testament to how her help has improved me, I did an intense leg workout today and decided, just for fun, to do a run afterwards. The run wasn’t part of the workout but I wanted to do it because I felt so great and knew it would benefit me. If Heather wasn’t my personal trainer, I wouldn’t have even gone to the gym and now I’m doing more than even she asks me to do.

If you want to improve yourself physically and mentally, you should call Heather. She will give you the plan and motivation to improve yourself not for a short period but for a lifetime.

– Toney B